Yet Another Seth Meyers Emmy Snub Is Ridiculous, But Here’s How He Can Change That

07.16.19 1 month ago

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It’s kind of hard to believe that, once again, somehow, Late Night with Seth Meyers was snubbed for an Emmy nomination. At this point, it’s encroaching on “outrage” territory. And, look, we aren’t even talking about “winning an Emmy,” we are talking about just being nominated at all. And if you go back through every year, it’s like Emmy voters go out of their way not to nominate Late Night. For instance, there was the year Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – a fine show! – was nominated over Late Night. Another year it was Real Time with Bill Maher. This year The Late Late Show with James Corden gets nominated, yet Seth still does not. (I do get that a lot of experts picked Corden to be nominated, but still.) Nothing against The Late Late Show, but in the era we are living in, it’s hard to watch an episode of The Late Late Show and Late Night and walk away thinking The Late Late Show was better. And these kinds of things always seem to be at Late Night’s expense.

What’s frustrating at this point is it’s not even, “Oh, they should be nominated every year.” Well, actually, they probably should, but what’s insane is they haven’t even had a year where they sneaked in, in a world where Late Night has been the go-to political comedy show ever since 2016 when we started living in this godforsaken hellscape. So this is less an argument that Seth should have beaten someone specific out, it’s more that it’s insane he hasn’t gotten a nomination in what has now become a pretty large sample size.

So why is this happening?

I don’t think voters have some deep-seated secret hatred for Seth Meyers. But it’s really strange that the “A Closer Look” segment has become such a cultural force, yet it hasn’t paid off with an Emmy nomination. But I do have an idea why this is happening:

The Outstanding Variety Talk Series category is unlike the others. We see voters becoming better at nominating scripted series – like there was no way Fleabag was getting snubbed this year, yet 10 years ago, it may have – and this might have something to do with series getting shorter. Voters no longer have to watch a 24 episode arc to fully get the feeling of a given season. Now it’s down to, a lot of times, just eight episodes.

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