Seth Meyers Is Positively Giddy That Lauren Boebert Might Have Sh*t The Bed In Her Reelection Campaign

Unless you’ve been living in the wine cellar of Dr. Oz’s temporarily abandoned New Jersey mansion, you’ve likely heard that the much-predicted “red wave” everyone was talking about ahead of Election Day never materialized for the Republicans. And if you’re anything like Seth Meyers, you likely have a favorite GOP villain whose race you were watching with particular morbid interest. In The Late Night host’s case, that candidate happened to be gun-lovin’ Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who may soon be dusting off her resume and looking for work.

In the midst of sharing all the biggest stories from the midterms, Meyers admitted that “By far the most dramatic — and my favorite — example of how poorly things went for Republicans [Tuesday] night is the shocking development in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, where Lauren Boebert is, as of this taping, trailing her Democratic opponent in a race that absolutely no one thought would be competitive.”

Meyers went on to describe his totally understandable reaction to this news:

I’m not saying I was excited last night when I saw those results. But I did rush into my kids’ room at 3 a.m. to shake them and scream, ‘Wake up! Lauren Boebert is losing!’ And they know who she is because I tell them if they don’t eat their vegetables, they’ll get a visit from The Boeberdook.

By the way: If you’re confusing her with Sarah Palin, who’s also running for congress this year in Alaska, don’t worry. They’re both losing. So you don’t even need to keep them straight.

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 4:05 mark.