Seth Meyers Explains Why Fox News Is Now Obsessed With ‘Nonsense Culture War B.S.’

Fox News has spent the past week covering the only two issues that matter: Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah and the Muppets / Potato Head / Dr. Seuss / Looney Tunes being “canceled.” The $1.9 trillion stimulus plan? Never heard of it.

“Personally, I can’t believe Fox News is defending someone who’s French,” host Seth Meyers joked during Wednesday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers. “If this was 2003, they’d be referring to him as a freedom skunk,” a reference to when Republicans, ahem, canceled french fries in 2003 and renamed them freedom fries.

After making a solid reference to the Acme Corporation, Meyers asked his viewers to “imagine being an actual adult and spending any amount of time at all complaining about a decades-old cartoon character being left out of a movie… Point is, guys, there’s a pandemic raging, millions suffering or out of work, and you’re spending your time defending the Looney Tunes. The whole thing is just, well, I want to say ‘looney tunes,’ but that seems redundant.” He went with the next-best option: “The whole thing’s Mickey Mouse.” The GOP has “turned entirely to nonsense culture war B.S. because they have nothing else to talk about,” Meyers added. “They don’t have a convincing criticism of the Democrats’ massive COVID relief bill because it’s overwhelmingly popular even with their own voters.” So, instead, conservatives get angry about a horny cartoon skunk.

You can watch the clip above.