Seth Meyers Tears Into ‘Unhinged Conspiracy Theorist’ Maria Bartiromo For, Well, Spreading Unhinged Conspiracy Theories About The January 6th Insurrection

It has now been nearly six months since the Capitol insurrection of January 6th, and MAGA dolts are still doing their damndest to portray the violent riots of the day—which left five people dead—as a totally peaceful, Kumbaya-kind-of thing. On Monday night, Seth Meyers took a few of these harebrained conspiracy theorists to task, including Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

This weekend, in a conversation with Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson, Bartiromo complained for the umpteenth time about Nancy Pelosi labeling the events of January 6th an “armed insurrection” then demanded to know “how many guns were actually taken up on that day, since she said it was ‘armed’?” Johnson’s response? “Not one. Not one gun was recovered either in the Capitol or on the Capitol grounds.” Which, of course, is patently untrue.

Just last week, Guy Reffitt—a Texan who reportedly threatened to kill his own family members if they turned him in for being part of the MAGA coup—was charged with unlawfully carrying a semi-automatic handgun onto the Capitol grounds. He is the fourth rioter so far to be charged with a firearms violation. But even beyond that, one doesn’t need to be carrying a gun in order to be considered “armed.” And the Capitol crowd got pretty creative when it came to what sort of weaponry they brought along. Meyers cited a CNN report from February, which claimed:

“Some of the weapons that were confiscated had been seen being used inside the US Capitol including a baseball bat, a fire extinguisher, a wooden club, a spear, crutches, a flagpole, bear spray, mace, chemical irritants, stolen police shields, a wooden beam, a hockey stick, a stun gun, and knives.

Many of these weapons were used to attack police officers who were protecting the Capitol.”

Meyers, who described Bartiromo as “one of the most unhinged conspiracy theorists on Fox” (which is saying a lot because: Tucker Carlson), seemed even more apoplectic that the Fox News anchor wrapped up her segment of lies by patting herself on the back for all her truth-telling, saying: “We have been telling every story. We’ve been on the right side of it for seven years going. I’ve been trashed every day along the way. Keep trashing me, I’ll keep telling the truth.”

Which, as Meyers astutely pointed out, sounds exactly like the sort of tagline Bartiromo might use if she was starring in the sadly fictional The Real Housewives of Bay Ridge.

You can watch the full clip above.