‘Late Night’ Host Seth Meyers Has Called For Trump To Be ‘Immediately Removed From Office’

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t the only one late-night host with a lot to say about the pro-Trump domestic terrorists storming the Capitol building on Wednesday.

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert went “unexpectedly live” to address the Republican politicians responsible for the riots, while Late Night‘s Seth Meyers soberly called for President Donald Trump to be removed from office immediately. “As everyone knows right now, today was a day filled with surreal and horrifying scenes of armed insurrection in an attempt to destroy, through violent means, American democracy,” he said. “It was a sequence of events unseen in the modern history of this nation, and the images should be seared into our collective consciousness for the rest of our lives.”

The events of yesterday were “incited, directed, and encouraged” by Trump in his desperate final days as president, as well as Republican politicians and the right-wing media. “As we were all watching these stunning scenes of violence, and sedition, and insurrection against our democracy, anxiously hoping for a restoration of calm and order, the president of the United States told the traitors and the mob, ‘We love you, you’re very special, I know how you feel.’ And he does,” Meyers said. “He knows how they feel because he’s spent four years telling them in great and odious detail how they should feel. So we should be shocked, but we can’t be surprised… He told that same crowd just hours earlier that they should never concede, that they should show strength and fight.”

The only solution left: Trump must be “immediately removed from office by either the cabinet or the Congress and prosecuted. Anything less is tacit permission to continue to use his office, and his influence after he leaves office, to foment sedition and dismantle democracy.” You can watch the Late Night clip above.