Seth Rogen Coaxed Conan O’Brien Into Smoking Pot On-Air In The Final Week Of His TBS Show

Conan O’Brien is in the final week of his TBS late night show, and just as he turned the last lap of his Tonight Show stint back in 2010 into a “f*ck it” free-for-all, so is he going mad with this one. On Monday night’s show, he bid a proper, tuxedo-clad adieu to Paul Rudd’s long-running Mac and Me joke. (Perhaps that, too, will return, in some fashion, for O’Brien’s forthcoming HBO Max show.) How to top it?

By getting high with Seth Rogen.

On Tuesday night’s Conan, the actor-turned-filmmaker-turned-author did what looked like a pre-rehearsed bit. Rogen asked him what he planned to do with his downtime before he returns. He then proceeded to whip out a joint. But when O’Brien tried to light up right there, with the cameras rolling, he got a talking to.

“Don’t smoke that now!” Rogen warned him. “Or do, this will be a great, weird show for all of us.” His guest then advised him to keep it to “one hit.”

“This is the kind of thing you do when you know it’s over for you,” O’Brien joked, as he fumbled with the joint. “I really don’t know what the fuck I’m doing,” he said, which didn’t appear to be a joke.

O’Brien still has some episodes left, and now that he’s crossed “get high in front of cameras like Elon Musk once did with Joe Rogen” off his Bucket List, what’s next?

You can watch the segment in the video above.