Thanks To Nick Kroll, Seth Rogen’s ‘Almost A Decade’ Wait To Tell His Favorite Inappropriate Story Is Over

Seth Rogen published an autobiographical book of essays, Yearbook, in May, and in doing so, he published a wealth of stories about his encounters (great and not so great) with fellow famous people. You’d think that, under normal circumstances, Rogen would maybe be running low on stories, right? Most of us would need to refuel, but nope. That is not happening here. Rogen subsequently revealed an amazing story (about Paul Rudd giving him a prank-massage) that Rudd did not hesitate to confirm. Somehow, Rogen still has more stories to tell, and he told a pretty good one to guest-host Nick Kroll on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Very clearly, this was a wild one. Rogen had been saving this story up for a special occasion, and he related how a friend once went off on Seth with accusations that he’d, uh, touched a dog, Baxter, in a certain place. The Pineapple Express star insists that he actually heard this coming his way: “Seth, he does not like it when you touch his penis!” And of course, Seth was very confused because he did not touch the penis of the dog, and the matter was further complicated by wondering how this friend knew that Baxter would be upset in such a scenario.

The story actually sounds a lot better when Seth relates it than when I attempt to make sense of it in written form (so watch it above). Also,, Seth would like everyone to know (via Twitter) that he’s been waiting “for almost a decade” to tell the story. He also expressed happiness that Kroll “agreed to host the show just so I could do that.”

Friendship, man. Speaking of which, Rogen added that, after Paul Rudd had given him nearly an entire Vegas massage, the ruse was over when “I heard him start laughing.” Rudd had started “massaging my face quite a bit,” and then, “I opened my eyes to see Paul Rudd standing over me like laughing hysterically with like my cheeks in his hands.”

This sounds like the opposite of a relaxing massage, but you never know!