Seth Rogen Revealed His Beardless Transformation Into The Man Who Stole Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee’s Sex Tape

Over the weekend, Lily James and Sebastian Stan unveiled their surprisingly accurate transformations into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for the upcoming Hulu series, Pam and Tommy. Seth Rogen soon joined in by showing off his new look for the miniseries while readily admitting that his co-stars look “a lot cooler than I am.” Yes, it is pretty jarring seeing Rogen without his trademark beard. Sure, there’s a bit of stubble going on, but it’s been a long while since anyone’s seen Rogen this fresh-faced (for him).

As for Rogen’s role, he’ll be playing disgruntled electrician Rand Gauthier, the man who stole Lee and Anderson’s infamous sex tape. As the legend goes, the couple allegedly stiffed Gauthier on a $20,000 contracting bill. After repeated attempts to collect the money, Lee allegedly pulled a gun on Gauthier, which prompted him to devise a scheme to embarrass the rocker. According to a Rolling Stone feature on the wild heist, Gauthier disguised himself as a dog and snuck into Lee’s recording studio where he made off with a safe that contained the tape. (Police are still baffled at how Gauthier managed to get the safe out himself.)

With the tape in his possession, Gauthier went through everyone from the Hollywood porn scene to the actual mafia to cash in on the unbelievable find, and none of it went as planned. But if you’re not familiar with the story, you can watch Rogen, James, and Stan relive the infamous scandal when Pam and Tommy hits Hulu later this year.

(Via Seth Rogen on Twitter)