Seth Rogen Makes Zac Efron Apologize To ‘His Testicles’ At The MTV Movie Awards

Neighbors 2 costars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron presented the award for Best Comedic Performance at the 2016 MTV Movie awards this weekend, only there was something… “off” about Rogen, who appeared to have borrowed from George Michael Bluth’s closet during season one of Arrested Development. When asked by his costar what the deal is with his body, the newly buffed up Rogen went off on an inspired rant about how the dad bod is now becoming an endangered species in the comedic industry.

I think the real question, Zac, is what did you do to my body? This is your fault, you forced me into this. And not just you! Kevin Hart, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, RYAN F*CKING REYNOLDS. You are all muscley, and you’re hilarious at the same time. And it is not fair, you’re messing with the formula. So I had to adapt, brother, by putting any substance in my body that I could get my hands on.

As a result, Rogen says that his testicles have “shrunk to essentially nothing,” demanding that Efron give them an apology, not him. Efron dutifully obliged, getting down on his knees to say sorry to poor Seth Rogen’s shriveled testicles. Say what you will about the relevance of MTV awards shows, but you’ll never hear the phrase “and then he got down on his knees” at the Oscars, that’s for damn sure.

For what it’s worth, Ryan Reynolds won the category — of course — and we can only hope that someone got Rogen a sandwich backstage; extra cheese and mayo. But thankfully not before we got this beautiful “who wore it better” moment: