‘Sex Education’ Star Emma Mackey Wishes People Would Stop Comparing Her To Margot Robbie

Sex Education returned last week, as did the comparisons between one of the show’s stars and Margot Robbie. Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve on the charming Netflix series, has repeatedly been reminded that she looks like the Oscar-nominated actress, and although she appreciates people thinking they look alike (there are worse things to be told than, “You look like Margot Robbie”), Mackey is also tired of hearing about it.

“I genuinely just don’t see it at all,” she told the Independent. “But it’s fine. I wish people would stop comparing. Like, it’s lovely to be compared to Margot Robbie, but mostly I’d rather people focus on the jobs that we’re both doing rather than what we look like. Hollywood churns out people who look the same and we love to put people in boxes. It’s just a thing that we do as a species, we categorize people, we always have.”

There’s an easy way to tell them apart: Robbie has hyena friends; Mackey does not have hyena friends, as far as we know. But they both have high-profile movies coming out this year in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), for Robbie, and Death on the Nile, which is also Mackey’s feature-film debut. Just wait until she’s cast in The Suicide Squad 2. Then things will get really confusing.

(Via Independent)