Shailene Woodley Reenacts Meryl Streep’s Huge ‘Big Little Lies’ Premiere Moment For Jimmy Fallon


(Warning: Big Little Lies season 2 premiere spoilers will be found below.)

HBO’s return of Big Little Lies not only makes the lies bigger and bolder, but Meryl Streep’s along for the melodramatic ride, and her character, Mary Louise, shakes up the world of the so-called Monterey Five. That’s especially the case for Nicole Kidman’s Celeste, who’s still grappling with the death of her abusive husband, Perry, and with a hovering mother-in-law played to tedious perfection by Streep, circumstances are tense. And as the premiere revealed, Mary Louise isn’t above unsettling everyone at the dinner table by unleashing a scream to depict the anguish she feels over her son’s demise.

The scene has prompted social media to unofficially nominate Streep for Emmy consideration already, so it’s no surprise that Shailene Woodley (who plays Jane) nabbed the opportunity to highlight the moment on Monday night’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. The resulting sketch — and you may want to lower the volume on this video — played as awkwardly as one can imagine, given that the host pretends to be completely unnerved by Woodley’s outburst. Then he decides to give the scream a go as well. Watch if you dare.

HBO has made the full “scream” clip available for the viewing after 2.5 million multiplatform viewers caught Sunday’s premiere. Uh, enjoy!