‘She-Hulk’ Will Follow The ‘WandaVision’ Disney+ Example Of Giving MCU Fans Something They’ve Never Seen

Kevin Feige’s revelations about Disney+’s Marvel shows (including his reaction to Chadwick Boseman’s final turn as Black Panther and, uh, Star-Lord in What If…?) keep on coming, and he’s also gone on record to talk about the upcoming She-Hulk. The series, one of many upcoming Disney+ MCU offerings, will star Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany with a supporting turn from Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.

Will She-Hulk be a lot of crash-boom-smash, though? Well, there should be enough of that to go around, but the show will stick with Jennifer Walters’ comic-book roots of smartass comedy. And as Feige revealed to Emmy Magazine (via Collider), the show won’t shy away from the lead character’s profession as attorney. Nope, this will actually be a legal comedy that will run 30 minutes per episode. In other words, it’s gonna get weird like WandaVision and take a superhero outside of the immediate mission to smash Chitauri and whatnot. And that’s refreshing.

When She-Hulk arrives (and we may very well see it in 2021), the tone of the series should carry plenty of wit, far beyond Captain America remarking upon people’s “language” just to plop a joke into what’s essentially a multi-hour action assault-on-the-senses in Age Of Ultron. In contrast, the Disney+ shows will be more focused on deep dives, and they won’t be afraid to get funky, like we’ve seen from WandaVision‘s 1950s-set sitcom vibes so far. With She-Hulk, though, we’ll see Jennifer Walters receive a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner (her cousin), which means that she’s gonna be a lot like Professor Hulk: analytical and sharp as a tack, but she can still smash like crazy because (as Kermit the Frog once said) it’s not easy being green.