Another ‘The Walking Dead’ Character May Cross Over Into ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

This is pure speculation based upon fairly convincing tea leaves, but it appears that another character from The Walking Dead may be crossing into Fear the Walking Dead, although it’s not going to come as a big surprise to anyone.

In the back half of the seventh season of The Walking Dead, a character named Sherry — also known as Honey (and played by Christine Evangelista) — left the series. She was married to Dwight, played by Austin Amelio, but basically ran away to escape Negan and The Saviors. In the intervening seasons, however, she’s left several notes and other breadcrumbs indicating her whereabouts, which eventually led Dwight to Texas in search of her. There, he joined Fear the Walking Dead last season.

Some of the most recent season of Fear the Walking Dead revolved around Dwight’s search for Sherry, but the trail eventually ran cold and most viewers gave up believing that she’d return to the series. However, the actress who plays Sherry — Christine Evangelista — has been hanging out in Austin over the past few days — according to her own Instagram account — and she recently left a role and was replaced on an off-Broadway play, possibly to free herself to take on this role.

It makes sense. Showrunners Andrew Goldberg and Ian Chambliss hinted that the Dwight’s search for Sherry would come to an end in season six one way or another, and finding her would certainly end the search. There is also some speculation that Sherry could be the one who rescues Morgan, who was otherwise left for dead in the season five finale. All of this also tracks with the way that Goldberg and Chambliss run Fear, for better or worse.

We’ll find out for sure probably over the summer, after The Walking Dead: World Beyond completes its first-season run.