‘Better Call Saul’ Finally Sees Some Good News On The Final Season Front

There were 500 days in between seasons four and five of Better Call Saul, so fans of the series are used to waiting a while between seasons. That’s good because they will almost certainly have to wait even longer between the fifth and the final season.

The last episode aired in April 2020, and if AMC were to maintain the 500-day break, Saul would return on September 21st, 2021. That’s unlikely, although early 2022 is looking like a definite possibility. Production on the final season is set to begin in March, according to the Albuquerque Journal, while a local casting company is currently looking for background players, who will need to be available in the second week of March when filming begins.

One cast member has also tipped off that they’re heading to the set to begin production. Last week, Michael Mando — who plays Nacho — noted on Twitter that he was leaving Canada for New Mexico to resume production.

After quarantining for two weeks, Mando should be ready to go, which aligns with the March date that Bob Odenkirk recently suggested would signal the beginning of production.

There are 13 episodes, and it will reportedly take 8 months to film the final season, which production is likely to continue into November. By that point, everyone on set should be vaccinated. For those who are most worried about the actor in the highest risk category, 74-year-old Jonathan Banks, take comfort in the fact that 70 year olds have been eligible for vaccinations in every state. He has almost certainly been vaccinated by now, so he should be able to shoot the final season with much less concern.

We’ll bring more. updates on the final season, which Bob Odenkirk calls “supremely intense,” as we hear them, including whether Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul will return to the franchise.