The Trailer For The Last Season Of Aidy Bryant’s ‘Shrill’ Promises It Will End On A High Note

Some shows are too good for this cruel world, and one of them is Shrill, the vehicle for SNL skit-stealer Aidy Bryant. Earlier this year, it was announced the third season for the Hulu show — based on Lindy West’s book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman — would alas be its last. But there’s nothing like trying to go out on a high note, which is what the new trailer goes out of its way to promise.

The next season of Shrill promises more of the same, following Bryant’s Annie as she stands her ground against abusive coworkers, meddling parents, and f*ckboys who won’t stay the night. Throughout the show tackles contemporary topics aplenty, from body image issues, self-care, toxic relationships, etc. And there’s lots of Bryant showing she can hold a show, not just a sketch, a three-dimensional character, not just a caricature.

So enjoy Shrill when it returns to Huly on May 7, because you’ll just have the back catalog when it’s gone. Then again, you’ll also have plenty of Bryant on SNL, where she’s long been a go-to for memorable, attention-grabbing hilarity. And no matter what happens to her next, she’ll still be one-half of one comedy’s great, game-changing power couples, alongside the delightful lunatic Conner O’Malley.