The ‘Not Hotdog’ App From ‘Silicon Valley’ Is Real And You Can Download It Now, For All Your Hot Dog Identifying Needs

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This week’s episode of Silicon Valley saw another twist in the saga of Jian-Yang’s ill-fated “SeeFood” app, which originally had been intended as an app to share eight ways to prepare Chinese octopus, but was later frantically adapted in a pitch meeting as “Shazam for food” by Erlich. The only problem of course, was that — after securing $200,000 to adapt SeeFood — Erlich and company actually had to figure out a way to make it work.

And for a moment, it seemed as if Jian-Yang was actually going to pull through, when they tested out his app on a hotdog to find that it could in fact correctly identify a hotdog, but — in an incredible twist — the very small problem being that literally the only thing the app could do was differentiate between a hotdog and “not a hotdog.” This seemed unhelpful until Jian-Yang and the heads of Raviga realized they could use the technology for “penile imagery” detecting, which was unfortunately after Erlich traded his share in the company for a palapa and yellow Corvette, and had his actual “Shazam for food” app idea poached by Big Head’s students.

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