Even The Creator Of ‘Six Feet Under’ Cried During The Series Finale

“You can’t take a picture of this. It’s already gone.”

HBO’s Six Feet Under is widely considered to have one of the best series finales of all-time. “Everyone’s Waiting” has everything you’d want in a final episode: Crying, death, more crying, Sia, even more crying. It’s life-affirming, but also devastating, and if you don’t sob while watching the last scene, you’re some kind of T-1000 sent from the emotionless future. Even the show’s creator, Alan Ball, broke down while writing the episode.

“I remember when I wrote this episode I cried,” Ball said at [Tribeca Film Festival]. “Pretty much the last four episodes, people were crying all the time. But it was good. It was grief. It was letting go of something, and I think it informed the show in a way that was very organic because the show was about people who help us to face our grief. It was pretty cathartic.” (Via)

I also cried during the finale of Ball’s other show, True Blood, but those were tears of joy for it finally being over. Anyway, the let’s-kill-everyone idea is “perfect,” according to Ball, who’s “embarrassed” he didn’t think of it, but other finale pitches were thrown around, including the “sixth season [being] kind of like a post-Holocaust thing where they were trying to keep alive in post-Holocaust Los Angeles.” And, Ruth getting Alzheimer’s disease, but “that was too depressing,” even for Six Feet Under. That’s saying something.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)