‘SNL’ Welcomes Back Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump To Play Both Sides Of The Aisle

With Alec Baldwin saying it’s “agony” playing Donald Trump, we didn’t know the next time we would see him play President Donald Trump. But, he came back to Saturday Night Live after the President attacked him personally (calling him “Alex”) on Twitter to play a “sympathetic Trump” discussing gun control.

As Anderson Cooper opened the latest Trump coverage on CNN: your leader for “impeachment porn,” Baldwin went down the lengthy, lengthy checklist of every mockable item in the Trump administration. To the point where the jokes were just one rapid-fire news item after another. Baldwin hit all of Trump’s talking points, from the paper for gun control victims to trade wars with Wakanda, Jared Kushner’s Top Secret access being lowered, the stock market, and the hasty exit of Hope Hicks — everything was touched on. Everything. It was almost overwhelming.

Yes, there was also Mr. Magoo, or Jeff Sessions, as most of the country knows him.

Simply put, there’s so much happening in the White House, that Trump/Baldwin stresses that he’s still running Washington D.C. like a business: a waffle house at 2 A.M. People are walking out, it’s chaos, and no one knows what’s really going on. It seems like it’s quite accurate.