Tiny Fey Stopped By ‘SNL Weekend Update’ To Offer A Mother’s Day Prayer

SNL At Home‘s final Weekend Update of the season had the usual jokes about Donald Trump and current events as it has throughout the somewhat interrupted and unusual season given the global pandemic on, but Saturday’s episode also had an appearance from one of the most notable Update hosts in the show’s history.

The Colin Jost-Michael Che-hosted Update had a guest spot from former host Tina Fey on Saturday, bringing some gripes about life in quarantine and a special message for mothers on the eve of Mother’s Day.

Perhaps the best joke of the Update came from Che, who talked about how the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, some more than others.

“I lost my grandmother,” Che said. “Colin, you lost J Crew.”

The sketch transitioned into an appearance from Fey, who used to host the segment back in her SNL days. Fey seemed irked by having to make up Latin for her children to learn, but did say she’s learned some life hacks while in quarantine.

“Did you know that if you’re baking cookies and you run out of flower you can just go to bed?” Fey said. “That’s right you can just shut up and go to bed.”

She then offered a prayer for mothers, which was a modified Serenity Prayer featuring some timely pandemic-related lines.

The episode also featured the conclusion of a fundraiser where someone donated money to write a joke for Che to say, though he definitely got the last laugh in the bit.