‘SNL’ Merrily Roasts Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies In This Deleted Scene

Depending on how you’re wired, you either love diving in the Olympic-sized swimming pool of cheese that is Hallmark Channel Christmas movies or you’d rather be waterboarded with garbage juice than endure more white folks proposing at skating rinks than absolutely necessary. This cut for time SNL faux ad should please both sides of the fence with its sweethearted roast of every creaky trope these TV movies have to offer.

Apparently trimmed from December 9’s edition of the program, host James Franco makes multiple appearances in this parody commercial (as “Canadian handsome” actor Chris Bearstick) showing off the cable network’s seasonal slate of programming. Amnesia, questionable morality and an inability to write for black characters all pop by in this spoof, as does all the Santa and vaguely defined prince romance your DVR can handle. For what it’s worth, I would watch Prince Santa in a heartbeat and I suspect I may already have.

“Hallmark: This our Super Bowl!” beams Cecily Strong as the spoof’s narrator before we’re swung into a seasonal Hallmark Channel jingle that’s cheery nonsense.

SNL returns on January 13 for its first show of 2018. Sam Rockwell, who has Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to promote in all its award contending glory, will host the episode. “Bad at Love” singer-songwriter Halsey serves as the musical guest.