‘SNL’ Gives A Hasty Update To The Immigration Welcome Video Thanks To Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

Informational videos are a staple of the government, especially when they need to get a ton of information across to a massive group of people. If you’re curious what the Hantavirus is, the government is there for you. If you’re new to this country, the government is there for you too. They just need a little bit of a change.

That’s where this SNL sketch comes into play, giving the typical Homeland Security welcome video a slight update that reflects the changes made by the Trump administration’s Muslim travel ban. Gone are the friendly tones of a customs agent embracing a new immigrant with open arms, replaced by the voice of a sole Homeland Security official who is really excited to be doing his job. If only those pesky judges would stop meddling against Trump’s executive orders.

Not too bad for a speedy slice and dice job and probably the most entertaining government PSA I’ve seen. Now if this was Canada, that’d be a different story. Those workplace safety videos are hardcore and you wouldn’t think twice about playing some Slayer while watching them. Those are harmful to your psyche, while the USA makes videos that are harmful to your soul. I blame the black magic of Steve Bannon.

(Via SNL)