‘SNL’ Revealed Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden Look And Maya Rudolph’s Return As Kamala Harris In A Teaser

Joe Biden and Donald Trump certainly had a debate of sorts on Tuesday night, and now we know what Jim Carrey will look like when Saturday Night Live inevitably rehashes said debate on NBC. Ahead of the first episode of Season 46 of SNL, which will run new episodes until November’s presidential election, SNL teased how Jim Carrey has prepared for his Joe Biden impression, and the result is… interesting.

Rather than have someone from the SNL cast play Biden, the show has opted to hire Carey to portray the former vice president, taking the part from a string of other former show hosts like Woody Harrelson, who continued to appear in cameo roles. And the video officially gave us a look at what Carey will look like on Saturday.

Carrey, no stranger to prosthesis and other effects to morph himself into roles, somehow looks more like his role as Count Olaf in the Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events movie, though this brief 18 second clip only really shows him scowling and doesn’t feature any of the Biden mannerisms and his voice, which might further sell him in the role.

Joining Carrey in the video was Maya Rudolph, though we already know how she will look at vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, as she’s pretty consistently played her on the show since she herself was running for president. That portrayal actually won Rudolph one of two Emmy nods this year, the other coming for her spectacular voice acting on Big Mouth.

We’ll have to wait and see if Carrey earns similar praise for his role as Biden, but at least we have a few days to square with this image before we see it in motion on Saturday when Chris Rock takes the stage as the show’s first host of the new season.