‘SNL’ Welcomes Back Nasim Pedrad For Its Own Take On Netflix’s ‘Wild Wild Country’

Much like their take on Serial and Going Clear in the past, SNL is pretty good at mimicking the hot documentary-style — or podcast — of the moment. So with Netflix’s Wild, Wild Country making headlines and creating discussion about cults and the nation’s history, the late-night comedy staple is here to deliver a perfect parody. Not only does it feature an MVP performance from Kenan Thompson, but it also welcomes back Nasim Pedrad to the show for a fun cameo.

Obviously, Pedrad’s return was likely the result of John Mulaney hosting given their connection on his short-lived Fox sitcom, but it is also the latest in a string of past cast members making appearances this season. And as for Thompson, between the lobster sketch, LaVar Ball, and this appearance, he was the solid bedrock for SNL this week. His Compton transplant here is ridiculous and the wild card of the bunch.

While everybody else is playing up the documentary, he’s talking about being forced to leave home due to the crime situation — “I committed a bunch of crimes and it became a situation” — his insistence that the cult was nothing more The Bloods, and the focus on just doing cocaine and having as much sex as possible. Not to mention the ridiculous wig he was wearing in the flashback sequences.

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary yet, this might be your best reason to do so. It won’t be as funny, but it is a taste before jumping into the whole thing. Then you can stop pretending to understand what everybody else is talking about at lunch.

(Via SNL)