‘SNL’ Calls Out What You Actually Use Your Sportswear For In This Nike Spoof

Athleticwear is wasted on athletes. They use their breathable, sweat-repelling technology for things like endless drills, weightlifting and posing for photos with EDM blaring, but us smartos know that there’s no law saying you have to actually have to work out while wearing working out gear.

Last night’s Chadwick Boseman hosted SNL featured a Nike spoof taking aim at the sneaker giant’s motivation-themed ads and two women that are not interested in playing that game. Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon co-star in this mock commercial as women that are losing their Nike leggings for their true intended purpose: Doing absolutely fudge all.

As Melissa Villaseñor and Heidi Gardner put their bodies through the ringer in the spot’s signature gear, McKinnon and Bryant are pretty damn happy to use their Nike Pro-Chiller leggings for just setting up shop on the couch and doing lazy things like ordering a solitary bagel. Not only that, but these babies have a 190° Hot Lap® function too. Everything a couch-bound would-be athlete could ever want.

“Women can do anything they want—and I want to do nothing,” declares a satisfied McKinnon. “My Fitbit says I’m dead.”

Saturday Night Live returns next weekend with John Mulaney making his first hosting appearance and Meg White’s former guitarist Jack serving as the musical guest.