‘The Last Of Us’ Star Pedro Pascal Will Make His ‘SNL’ Hosting Debut With Musical Guest Coldplay

Pedro Pascal seems to be everywhere these days. This isn’t a complaint, but rather a “good job, everyone, let’s keep it up!” comment, and it seems like the good folks at Saturday Night Live are listening because Pascal is going to make his hosting debut on the show next Saturday, February 4th. Coldplay will join as the musical guest, making it their seventh appearance on the show.

Pascal is currently starring in HBO’s new smash hit The Last Of Us, and late this year he will once again be carrying Baby Yoda around the universe posing as everyone’s daddy. Isn’t the internet so fun! Unfortunately, Kyle Mooney is no longer on SNL and won’t be able to reprise his role of Baby Yoda. But maybe that’s for the best.

This week, the sketch show will feature Michael B. Jordan hosting with Lil Baby as the musical guest. The actor is currently promoting Creed III, the latest installment in the Rocky universe. But perhaps he has been taking his method acting a little too seriously, as he threw a few punches at SNL cast member Michael Longfellow in a promo for the new episode. At least Jonathan Majors wasn’t there at the time.