Pete Davidson Rapped About How He Preferred ‘Grace And Frankie’ To ‘Game Of Thrones’ On ‘SNL’

SNL knows they don’t have the biggest season finale of the weekend. But there’s no reason they can’t profit off the competition. Early into the last episode of Season 44, Pete Davidson showed up in a pre-taped music video to a) show off his rap skills and b) crow his love for Game of Thrones. Thing is: Pete Davidson probably knows less about Game of Thrones than he does about Steely Dan.

And so Davidson’s Westeros rap was cut a bit short, with Kenan Thompson strolling out to call BS. They knew he didn’t know what he was talking about, and Davidson interpreted that as a demand to rap about a show he does like — which is not what Thompson was saying.

But Davidson went and did it anyway. And what’s his favorite show? Grace and Frankie, of course, the Netflix comedy that pairs Lily Tomlin with Jane Fonda as friends whose husbands left them to become their own couple. And why not? It’s a far more reliable show than Game of Thrones, right?

Davidson wasn’t alone. He was soon joined by the night’s musical guest DJ Khaled, who rapped things like, “It’s a nice show. DJ Khaled!” Soon Paul Rudd came out to sing about his favorite show: Yes, Grace and Frankie, particularly that episode where Frankie had a scooter accident. Sounds better than watching a show you literally can’t see.

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