‘SNL’ Gives Us A Weird Masterpiece With This Silly Sketch About A Dog’s Head On A Man’s Body

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Sam Rockwell’s hosting stint on SNL will likely be remembered more for its tiny mishaps than its intentional laughs, but one of the best sketches of the night featured a bit of both. The final live sketch of the night brought in the live animal element that always throws the show for a loop. This time around it’s a loveable dog playing a lab creation gone wrong, with most of the cast fighting off some laughter while an unknown castmember helps the dog talk on the phone, solve a Rubik’s cube, and then eat a delicious sandwich.

It’s a nice mixture of absurdity and just random mishaps with a living animal, peppered with some laughter from Mikey Day and a fine performance by Rockwell. He just sorta fits into the role of the scientist who is smart enough to create a “dog head guy” from his dead brother’s corpse, but still goes ahead without care based only on a Google search. Rockwell has the right attitude.

Also, the dog is just fantastic. It’s just going right at the sandwich at the end of the sketch and doesn’t care that there’s a comedy a sketch going on. It is just so weird and odd, every part fits together for that perfect end of the night sketch on Saturday Night Live.

(Via SNL)

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