‘SNL’ Gives Stanley Tucci The Lil Pump Anthem We Deserve With ‘Tucci Gang’

We’re not even halfway through January and 2018 has already been blessed with a contender for Stanley Tucci themed Lil Pump parody of the year. It might not be a crowded field come year’s end, but that’s because other potential novelty track makers are intimidated by Sam Rockwell‘s ability to breakdance in a bald cap.

Rockwell and Pete Davidson served up a special SNL tribute to Tucci in the form of “Tucci Gang.” Davidson morphs into Lil Pump and Rockwell into the actor himself for a sweethearted tribute to Tucci’s filmography in the style of “Gucci Gang.” We’re introduced to Tucci’s resume of blockbusters before shifting into nods to things like Big Night. Even if you just know Tucci from things like Hunger Games, you should be able to follow along. Plus, Rockwell’s Tucci does quite a bit of dancing. Celebrities dancing is always popular.

Saturday Night Live returns for their second episode of 2018 with next week’s combo of host Jessica Chastain and musical guest Troye Sivan. Speaking of SNL returns, The Not Ready For Primetime SNL Podcast is back with a brand new episode tackling last night’s Rockwell fronted episode. As you may have heard, there was some accidental naughty language from the host.

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