Scarlett Johansson Plays Ivanka Trump’s Smelly, ‘Complicit’ Secret In This Fake Perfume Ad On ‘SNL’

Margot Robbie was the last to play Ivanka Trump during her time hosting SNL earlier this season, mocking that odd Trump family photo during a game of Celebrity Family Feud. Now it’s Scarlett Johansson’s turn to play the object of so much of our president’s affection as the centerpiece of the show’s latest fake advertisement.

The beauty, grace, and elegance of “Ivanka” is on display here as she makes her way through a room, knocking out candles by just walking by and apparently drawing disgust from the rest of the people at this party. Why is that? That would due to her new perfume: Complicit. While it might seem like she’s a “champion for women” and an advocate, most folks can only see her like this:

That’s pretty rough, but nothing like comparing her to Billy Zane in Titanic. That’s just cold blooded, no matter who you are. Nobody wants to be Billy Zane there, except for maybe Donald Trump himself. She really should’ve “bounced” after that Access Hollywood tape leaked out, though It is doubtful that would’ve saved the Ivanka brand from being tossed out by Nordstrom and dragged through the mud. You can’t change your family and where you come from. Also, her husband is a key part of the campaign and administration, so she was always going to be there.

All that said, a perfume that makes people see you as Donald Trump could have its advantages. Walk right into the White House and sign your own executive orders that make pizza a vegetable for life or ban Lukas Graham from the nation. Ultimate power.

(Via SNL)