‘SNL’ Calls Upon ‘The Sopranos’ Finale To Say Goodbye To Trump And Company For The Season

The final cold open of the season on SNL tried to copy another famous finale to say goodbye to Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and his crew until the fall. Using the iconic final sequence from The Sopranos finale, the show awkwardly places Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Cohen, and the two Trump boys at Holsten’s diner for a meeting. We’ve got Journey on the jukebox, some awkward talk about the Russia investigation and China in the booth, and a guy who looks a lot like Robert DeNiro playing Robert Mueller sitting the corner.

It’s an excellent send-up The Sopranos, even if it does have to involve Donald Trump and the show mucks up the ending. But it will mean a lot more if we never see Baldwin’s Trump again and the show moves past this for something new. It probably won’t, but people can dream.

It’s nice to see Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro haven’t given up popping by the show for some fun. Yes, the monologue that follows it makes fun of all the celebrity cameos that the show has had this season, but it is nice that they at least saw their respective characters through till the end of the season.

The shame is that they still did the “Live From New York” after the screen went to black. Just having Mueller do it from the bathroom would’ve been great.

(Via SNL)