John Mulaney Goes Behind The Sketch To Share The Origins Of Bill Hader’s ‘SNL’ Treasure Stefon

Bill Hader’s off-kilter club kid Stefon has a knack for cracking people up with the comedian portraying him notoriously serving as no exception. Hader and upcoming SNL host John Mulaney created this long-time Weekend Update fixture and thanks to a friendly “Behind the Sketch” video released by the unkillable variety show, we’ve been given a touch more insight into this lover of human suitcases, Doctors without Boners and Black George Washington.

Mulaney, who popped up alongside Stefon when Hader hosted last month, lays out how the character sprung to life and the previous attempts to plunk Stefon into a proper sketch rather than doing his thing at the Weekend Update desk. According to Mulaney, he didn’t really bank on the character being as successful as it would become. They liked the character but weren’t really expecting it to be a hit out of the gate.

“It was so weird that I so assumed it would be cut and I said ‘When you cut this, can we try it again?'” recalls Mulaney.

Presumably, there’s no Stefon movie coming around the corner, so the best way to understand all the little details and touches that make him so special is to hear Mulaney break things down in this informative slice of video. If you’ve ever wanted to know why Stefon is wrapped in Ed Hardy, Mulaney can explain. (It involves a misunderstanding.)

John Mulaney will host Saturday Night Live for the first time tonight and he has Jack White serving as the musical guest. As you might imagine, we’ll be bringing the best bits to you later tonight.