‘SNL’ Tries To Help You Balance Work And Bathroom Breaks At The Office In The Most Disgusting Way Possible

As expected, Bill Hader has a lovely return visit to Saturday Night Live. We were treated to Stefon popping by, a return to The Californians and Hader playing a rather sexual elderly man. On top of it all, we also got the decorated SNL vet having to deal with someone defecating into a lamp at work. The glamour of television!

Bill Hader plays a frustrated boss in the cheerfully disgusting “Undercover Office Potty” sketch where an office schmo (played with workplace doofus charm by Beck Bennett) has sorted out a brilliant timesaving tip. Instead of leaving his office to use the toilet, he can simply use his “undercover office potty” lamp to get around the issue. You see, the lamp has a compartment that allows an average joe to uncork their poo in with no one being the wiser. Well, until the stink and Bennett’s frequent BMs in assorted other office supplies sells him out.

“Why would you do this?” screams Hader at this employee over his unsanitary productivity strategy.

It’s been a banner season for SNL sketches revolving around pooping. Heck, Kevin Hart had his own office bathroom issues on the program just a few months back. Have fun coming across office supplies at work come Monday and not thinking of Beck Bennett pushing out human waste!