Colin Jost And Michael Che Swapped Crude Jokes And Blasted Congress On ‘SNL Weekend Update’

The final Weekend Update of Saturday Night Live‘s Season 46 was a bit like the cold open in that it recapped the wild year that was. But it was the less-topical jokes near the end of the segment that brought down the house for the fully-vaccinated audience at capacity for the first time all year.

“Well it is our last Weekend Update and I have to say, I think that the country is in a better place than when we started this season,” Colin Jost began by saying. “In September there were headlines like ‘Will the president destroy democracy?’ And now there are headlines like ‘Will this be the most turnt-ass summer ever?'”

Attention turned to the headlines from the last year, including the insurrection attempt in Washington that Republicans are likely to refuse inquiring into officially.

“And who can forget that time the president tried to murder congress?” Jost said. “Apparently, congress can.

“Republicans just want to forget that the riots ever happened and focus on the future of the party. And the future of their party is, well, yikes,” Jost continued as a picture of Matt Gaetz popped up.

Michael Che got in on the fun to make fun of Rudy Giuliani’s son, who launched an attempt at becoming the governor of New York State earlier in the week.

“Andrew Giuliani, who is the child of Rudy Giuliani and, I’m gonna say Gary Busey, announced that he’s running for governor of New York and claimed that he’s spent five decades in politics despite being 35 years old,” Che said. “I didn’t know you can get brain damage when your father drinks during a pregnancy.

The most popular part of the segment, though, was Che and Jost swapping jokes they wrote for each other in what’s essentially an effort to ruin each other’s lives. It’s a bit the two have done occasionally over the years, but with it being the last show of the season they really swung for the fences here.

The jokes are all terribly crude, but the two seem to revel in making each other uncomfortable. You can hear the lines for yourself in the video above, but this image really says it all.

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There was an air of finality to the segment for a number of reasons, but fans who like seeing Che make Jost uncomfortable will certainly hope it’s not the last time the two-man the desk in Studio 8H.