‘SNL’ Weekend Update Mocked Trump For His Supreme Court Losses And Made A Grim Prediction About His Future

The presidential election has been over for more than a month at this point, and SNL’s Weekend Update is still making fun of Donald Trump for losing the election. But at this point it’s his fault the show is still on that horse, as Trump has refused to accept the results and embarked on an embarrassing legal battle across several states to overturn the results by throwing out millions of legally cast ballots.

Last week, however, brought a pair of swift judgements against Trump in the Supreme Court, and with the Electoral College set to vote against Trump on Monday and end the election for good, SNL was ready to roast Trump once more.

“Guys, I gotta be honest,” co-host Colin Jost said to start the show. “I’m beginning to think Donald Trump didn’t win this election.”

Jost joked that the two Supreme Court losses Trump took were dismissed with an “eye roll emoji” by the court, but noted that despite what the media has said about the election and these endless election challenges, Trump will never let it go.

“Nothing is ever over as long as Donald Trump can make money off it,” Jost said. “Even when he dies, his tombstone is just going to have his Venmo info.”
It wasn’t just Trump who was targeted by the program. Later in the segment, Jost described Mike Pence as “a polar bear who went to work,” which was particularly good.

There were also plenty of other jokes about things not in the Trump administration, but as has often been the case the last four years it’s often hard to get away from such an easy target.