‘SNL’ Offered A Tour Of ‘Your House’ In This Digital Exclusive About Life In Quarantine

SNL‘s 45th season may officially be in the books thanks to three SNL At Home episodes filmed from the comfort of the cast members’ own abodes, but the leftover sketches from those sessions keep hitting the interwebs. The latest came on Tuesday, when the show’s YouTube page shared a tour of “Your House.”

“Looking to get away?” the voiceover asked. “Then look no further than the only place you’re allowed to go right now.”

The wrestling-style promo highlights all the features of a lived-in dwelling in the middle of a Stay At Home order, which is what got SNL into this kind of thing to begin with.

“You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the disorganized pile of shoes by the door,” the voice says.

Billed as a look at the “the yoga mat that’s slowly becoming a rug” and plates in every single room. A running bit is about the little things eschew like loose AAA batteries everywhere, and just generally what happens when you’re trapped in the same place for a long time as life goes on. Perhaps the most improbably impressive joke from the sketch is the existence of a clearly-expired ketchup bottle advertising the Sochi Winter Olympics, which took place in 2014.

SNL on YouTube

And while not everyone may have a broken gas oven worthy of emergency attention of disrespectful children running around, there are some more universal things in the sketch. A random jutting nail that ruins socks, for example, as well as the idea that everyone has some expired medicine in the cabinet and a random “drawer of sh*t.”

SNL on YouTube

The sketch joins a belated Animal Crossing segment where the islanders are much meaner than they are in the actual game. It’s unclear how many more unaired sketches are left in the SNL At Home catalog, and if they keep coming as life in quarantine continues. But this one certainly hit close to home for many.