The ‘Snowpiercer’ Season 2 Teaser Lets Sean Bean Play A Character Who (Probably) Won’t Die

Sean Bean is extraordinarily good at dying. He’s done the deed dozens of times onscreen, but his luck might change on TNT’s Snowpiercer. Well, we shall see if he lives, beginning in January 2021 when Season 2 of the Daveed Diggs-starring series returns. The series quickly proved to be so relentlessly unlike Bong Joon Ho’s film that I had to admire it, even if it felt weird to see the source material (Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette’s graphic novels) get adapted in a Law and Order style. Still, things were missing. Chris Evans muttering “babies taste best” was nowhere to be found, and Mr. Wilford (played by Ed Harris in the movie) was… missing.

Jennifer Connelly’s hospitality chief, Melanie Cavill, gave it her all to keep that secret under wraps. Yet as it turns out, she’d left the train’s genius inventor and mastermind for dead long ago, and he’s now back. And he’s played by Sean Bean! Since Wilford is a key figure (who is alive) in the movie, one would assume that he won’t be dying on the series, and if so, congratulations to Sean Bean for not dying onscreen in a role. Maybe. You never know what this show is gonna do. From the Season 2 synopsis:

Discovering Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) is alive and headed their way on a rival train, Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) risks going outside to prevent him from invading Snowpiercer. While she’s out there, it’s revealed that Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard), Melanie’s daughter, who she thought had died, is alive and has become Wilford’s dedicated protegee. In season two, an entirely new power struggle emerges, causing a dangerous rift as people are divided between their loyalty to Layton and to Mr. Wilford, who has a new train, new technology and a game plan that keeps everyone guessing. While Layton battles Wilford for the soul of Snowpiercer, Melanie leads the charge on a shocking new discovery that could change the fate of humanity.

The Snowpiercer train returns on January 25.