Sophie Turner Accidentally Dropped A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler On The Oscars Red Carpet

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It’s getting harder and harder to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers as the internet hits a fever pitch of anticipation leading up to the show’s sixth season. Back in the day, fans and websites alike showed a lot of restraint, allowing watchers of the television show to experience events readers got back in 2000, like the Red and Purple Weddings as they were intended: as shocking surprises.

But now, we’re mostly caught up and the kid gloves are off. Anyone who wants spoilers can seek them out and get ’em (hi, guys), and even those trying to avoid them are liable to have someone smack them in the face inadvertently. Like this spoiler from Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on the show. She was on the red carpet of the Oscars when she accidentally let slip that she survives the season:

“I’m like flicking through [the scripts] and I’m like death, death, death, death, I’m good for this season!”

Now, this could just be a clever lie. A much more clever lie than half the cast of the show insisting Jon Snow is dead. But unless Sophie is a much better player at the game of thrones than Sansa is, I think she just accidentally revealed her character isn’t going to join the many other Starks who have been brutally murdered over the course of the series.

As a hardened Game of Thrones fan who has decided to embrace the spoiler, I’m not that upset. But there’s definitely a “Lalalala I’m not listening!” contingent out there trying their hardest to keep season six pure, and Turner’s whoopsie is just the latest spoiler to pop out at a mainstream event like a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the Super Bowl. Not as many noticed this one, but those who did were probably pissed.

Ah well, it’s like they say: If you don’t want spoilers, move to a tiny shack on the side of an isolated mountain without internet. It’s the only way to make sure.

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