Sophie Turner Faces Off With Winter Once Again In Quibi’s New ‘Survive’ Trailer

You can take the woman out of Winterfell, but you can’t take the winter out of… oh boy. Sophie Turner simply cannot scape the snow, and she’s not as well dressed for the occasion (unlike on Game of Thrones) this time around. Turner’s following up on the HBO juggernaut with a starring role for Quibi, in a movie-in-chapters called Survive. The streaming service, which launches on April 6 (and will pump out shows with bite-sized episodes that are 10 minutes or shorter in length), has dropped a bunch of bonkers-looking teasers already, and Turner’s show looks like one of the more serious (but still surreal) looking series.

As the trailer reveals, Turner plays a recovering addict who’s leaving rehab, but her plane-ride home turns into burning wreckage atop a mountaintop. Fortunately, she’s not alone, given that the other surviving passenger’s portrayed by Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton). They must fight their way out of the frozen wilderness, and this looks like one of those expensively produced shows with sweeping visuals that might not translate fully on smartphones, which is where Quibi hopes to draw much of its initial viewership. This story’s based upon Alex Morel’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name, and it certainly throws out a bleak premise: “Jane (Sophie Turner) wants to end it all. Then a plane crash almost ends it for her.”

At launch, Quibi will release 50 projects, both of the TV series and movies-in-chapters variety. The site’s offering a 90-day free trial, followed by $4.99 (with ads) and $7.99 (no ads) monthly subscription charges, and stars like Turner are onboard with more to come.