Sophie Turner Is The Proud Owner Of An Iconic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prop

If you were hoping to visit a museum-like exhibition of Game of Thrones props, you’re out of luck. The cast has already ransacked every item from the HBO series. Emilia Clarke has a Targaryen flag (even if she wanted one of Daenerys’ wigs), Maisie Williams owns Arya’s jacket, and Kit Harington “borrowed” a Jon Snow statue (lol) from the Winterfell crypt. But Sophie Turner has them beat: she’s got a throne.

Over the weekend, Turner shared a photo of Sansa Stark’s throne from the Game of Thrones series finale on Instagram. “Welcome home,” she wrote. Look, I realize she and husband Joe Jonas just had a baby and all — congratulations, etc. — but that throne is the most important addition to the Turner/Jonas household this year:

Turner reunited with the actual throne Sansa Stark sat in at the very end of the show’s finale after being crowned Queen of the North… The photo sees the wooden throne featuring the House Stark crest and dire wolves, which Turner placed right below her stairs. (Turner also has a dire wolf tattoo on the back of her arm.) The photo was also shared by Jonas, who is a die-hard GoT fan.

Is it wrong to go to a friend’s house under the guise of wanting to “meet the baby” when, actually, you just want to sit on a TV prop throne? Asking for a friend (Kevin Jonas).


(Via Yahoo!)