David Chase’s Favorite Moments From ‘The Sopranos’ Finale Have Nothing To Do With The Final Scene

The series finale is the most-discussed episode for many shows, but especially for The Sopranos, considering people are still talking, 13 years later, about what happened to Tony inside Holsten’s. All we know for sure is, those onion rings? Best in da state. Creator David Chase has started to open up about the final scene in the final episode of one of TV’s greatest shows (which has seen its popularity skyrocket during quarantine), but for years, he was hesitant to reveal too much about “Made in America,” not to mention sick of answering questions about the man in the Members Only jacket. So, it’s no wonder that his favorite scene from the episode doesn’t involve Journey.

“Something that nobody would care about was when they were going to the mattresses, there was a Twilight Zone episode playing about a TV writer,” Chase said during the Television Academy’s “Quaranstreaming: Comfort TV That Keeps Us Going” panel, via Entertainment Weekly. “That was one of my favorites. That Twilight Zone [“The Bard”], it was a critique and a slam of network television, and it was very funny.” He also highlighted the scene “with Junior at the end. I loved everything with Junior, especially in that episode. When Janice tells Junior, ‘Bobby’s dead,’ and Junior says, ‘Ambassador Hotel!’ And she says, ‘Your Bobby!’ That was one of my favorite moments.”

Focus on the good times, a wise man once said, like the time AJ tried to impressed a girl by playing her a Bob Dylan song, only for the car they’re in to catch on fire and explode.

Coincidentally, my favorite moment from the finale.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)