‘South Park’ Took Its War With The Chinese Government To A New And Profane Level On Their Latest Episode

Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of South Park, entitled “SHOTS!!”

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have never shied away from a fight, now matter how big their foe is. Surely no South Park foe has been as big as their latest: the Chinese government, overseers of the largest population on the planet. Last week’s episode — called “Band in China,” and which called them out on their human rights violations and even compared president Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh, which he famously despises — got the show scrubbed from the republic’s internet and social media sites. Stone and Parker then offered a thunderingly sarcastic apology. But they weren’t done: On Wednesday night’s episode, they told them where to go.

As caught by The Hollywood Reporter, the latest episode found Cartman avoiding flu shots, because he worried they’d make him “autistic.” It’s the b-plot that found Parker and Stone — who, remember, can still crank out new episodes lightning fast — slipping in another counter-attack. Randy Marsh, who’s been selling weed to China, all the while ignoring their human rights atrocities, is finally confronted by Towelie, the show’s resident sentient, toking towel.

Towelie read Randy the riot act, pointing out the nation’s abuses. When prodded into denouncing his customers, Randy first tried to mutter his outcry. But he quickly stepped it up, ultimately screaming “F*ck the Chinese government!”

As ever when Parker and Stone use their show to not-so-subtly go after enemies, it’s obvious who was really saying Randy’s words. Anyway, China is certainly busy tussling with a lot of American entertainers, aren’t they?

(Via THR)