‘South Park: Post-COVID,’ The First Of 14 Streaming Specials, Will Hit Paramount+ Just In Time For Thanksgiving Dinner Discussions

For many, Thanksgiving was canceled last year, family gatherings having been deemed unsafe due to a certain pesky public health crisis. Not that the pandemic ever ended, but thanks to vaccines, things are much, much safer than last November. (Even if some, uh, still refuse to get dosed.) So if you and your relatives didn’t get to pow-wow over turkey in 2020, your reward this year is a new South Park movie arriving on the big day.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, part of that ginormous $900 million deal Trey Parker and Matt Stone hatched with Paramount was the promise that they would make no less than 14 (!!) South Park made-for-Paramount+ movies, to be dropped on the company’s new streamer. The first, due on Thanksgiving Day, is called South Park: Post Covid — a hopeful, one could even say inaccurate title, considering the pandemic is far from over.

When Post Covid drops, it will have been almost two years since the last proper South Park episode. Since the Season 23 finale in December 2019, the show’s studios have remained shuttered, save two specials — one entitled “The Pandemic Special,” which aired in late September 2020, the other called “South ParQ Vaccination Special,” which bowed in early March 2021. That means Post Covid is the third consecutive South Park thing about COVID. But the other 13 made-for-streaming movies will almost certainly branch off to other topics.

“We’re at where a lot of people are at, which is the future kind of sucks,” Stone told THR. “We would like to get back to where each week we can to doing something totally different. We tried to experiment with serialization. That had mixed results. And the past five or six years have been dominated by Trump, being political and the tonal change of society. And then the pandemic. We don’t want everything to be about the pandemic, but that is what is going on.”

South Park: Post Covid will drop on Paramount+ on Nov. 25. The second of 14 movies is due at some point this December.

(Via THR)