Butters Leads The ‘Weiners Out’ Movement In This Week’s ‘South Park’ Preview

Senior Writer

It’s not quite #DicksOutForHarambe, but South Park’s upcoming #WeinersOut movement seems to hint at the show’s latest Season 20 target: Men’s Rights Activists. After an oddly-timed dark week (which a Comedy Central rep assured us was absolutely planned and not the result of a missed deadline or any outrage), South Park returns this week to continue the dark story of SkankHunt42, AKA Gerald Broflovski, and how his disgusting trolling is affecting people all over the world. After all, his dick-in-mouth photoshops have sparked an all-out gender war.

Thus, Butters and the boys of South Park Elementary are dropping their drawers and going #WeinersOut to tell the girls who have taken everything from them that they won’t be ashamed. “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re somehow less because you’re a boy,” Butters shouts in the promo for this week’s episode. “Don’t let anyone tell you not to think with your wiener, as if your wiener is a bad thing.” If anything, this is a big leap in stature for Butters, who, despite his successful run as a pimp and the “author” of Scrotie McBoogerballs, has mostly been a punching bag and sidekick.

But in a season that has surpassed all others in terms of storytelling and living up to political expectations through the first three episodes, we still have to wonder which side of the wiener Eric Cartman will fall on now that he’s a nomad. Hell hath no fury like the fat kid with no Twitter.

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