‘Squid Game’ Is Even More Popular Than ‘Game Of Thrones’ (By One Metric At Least)

Squid Game is not only the biggest show in Netflix history, it’s also more popular than Game of Thrones. At least on YouTube.

Squid has surpassed Thrones in number of views on YouTube, according to content analytics firm Vobile. The Korean series is up to 17 billion views, which includes official trailers and clips, as well as “fan recreations of iconic moments, real-world challenges inspired by the plot, and even narration of user-generated video games based on the property,” Variety reports. Thrones, meanwhile, is at 16.9 billion views.

Vobile estimates that the 17 billion views have come from 129,000 uploaded videos, including traditional longform YouTube clips and their TikTok competitor YouTube Shorts… This sits in comparison to Game of Thrones, which had a decade to amass its fan army as opposed to the roughly eight weeks Squid Game has been in play. Thrones has 16.9 billion views from 420,000 uploaded videos, and an estimated 233 million engagements.

If you type in “squid game” on YouTube, the most-popular video isn’t a trailer; it’s “Challenge the squid game sugar pie, can you challenge success? #funny#shorts” with 78 million views (I love #funny#shorts), followed by “Kermit in Squid Game.” The top result for Thrones is the official season 8 trailer with 69 million views. Meanwhile, if this was 2012, “Squid Game of Thrones” would have 122 million views on Funny or Die.

It was a simpler time.

(Via Variety)