Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Has High Praise For Netflix’s ‘Squid Game,’ And People Are Having Strong Reactions

Netflix’s Squid Game is poised for world domination, not only because it’s on track to be the streamer’s most-watched show ever but because a broadband provider is suing over a massive surge in traffic. And well, no wonder, for this Korean show is almost too popular. It’s not real stuff, but the show tells the story of hundreds of desperate contestants who play a deadly survival game, all to win billions of prize money, at the behest of… who? (That aspect is mysterious until you watch.) The consequence of losing the games-within-the-games is certain death, and people truly can’t get enough of the premise or the show’s execution (pun fully intended).

The reception across the globe tells the tale. Squid Game is the top pick for Netflix viewers in 90 countries and counting, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has noticed. He did, however, step up to graciously tweet congratulations at Netflix co-CEOs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos while writing that they, and the rest of Netflix “get it right so often” with their content prowess. He added, “Their internationalization strategy isn’t easy, and they’re making it work. Impressive and inspiring.”

Granted, Bezos admits here that he hasn’t watched the show, and that really doesn’t matter (yet), right? Welllll, maybe not. Very clearly, these content rivals go toe-to-toe on a daily basis; and Bezos’ remarks read as goodwill, but people aren’t totally buying that this is a completely innocent tweet. People are only kidding here — maybe! — because Squid Game is a blistering critique on capitalism with a capital “C,” and therefore, Capitalism is the villain. And yeah, uh, because Jeff Bezos is currently ranked as the second-richest person in the world. Also, people really don’t know what to think about Bezos lavishing generous praise upon Netflix.

Squid Game is currently streaming on Netflix, but you probably know that already!