‘Star Trek: Lower Decks,’ From ‘Rick And Morty’ Writer Mike McMahan, Drops A Bold New Trailer

When it was announced last year that among the multiple Star Trek shows being created for CBS All Access was an animated one from a Rick and Morty writer, it didn’t seem like that much of a stretch. After all, R&M is, at heart, fairly hard sci-fi, boldly going where few like it have gone before. And now we have an idea of what’s in store: As per Entertainment Weekly, a trailer for the show, entitled Star Trek: Lower Decks, dropped on Sunday afternoon.

The setting is the U.S.S. Cerritos in the year 2380 — for some perspective, the original Star Trek began in 2265 — but, as per the title, our heroes aren’t typical heroes. Instead they’re ensigns, aka the most junior officers, who bristle at not having more power, all while dealing with what will surely be a host of outlandish, wildly imaginative, and maybe even deeply disturbing alien anomalies.

Creator Mike McMahan, who also co-created Solar Opposites with Justin Roiland, has already stated that it won’t be too much like Rick and Morty. That’s immediately apparent, although it appears we’ll be getting some faintly R&M-y creatures, including a giant, hungry bugs oozing pink goo, as well as some spear-throwing primitives. The franchise has certainly evolved over the last nearly 60 years, when it started out as simply some expensive, early-days-of-color-TV space show personally greenlit by Lucille Ball.

(Via EW)