Plan The Best Night Ever With These Facts About Stefon

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Bill Hader is doing very well for himself these days. The 38-year-old comedian just scored a promising new HBO series, starred in one of 2015’s best comedies, and has been lending his vocal talents to more kids (and, in the case of Sausage Party, definitely-not-for-kids) movies than you can shake a human fire hydrant at.

Which brings me to my next point, which is not the definition of a human fire hydrant. Rather, it’s the grotesque-but-hilarious joke’s source, which is the hugely popular and sadly semi-retired Saturday Night Live character, Stefon. Best known as the city correspondent on the variety show’s long-running fake news sketch, “Weekend Update,” Stefon burst onto the scene in the late 2000s and — after a little tinkering by Hader and co-creator John Mulaney — quickly became a fan favorite.

To commemorate Hader’s recent birthday, check out these five fascinating facts about a man who knew less more about New York City’s night life than anyone else.

Stefon Was Inspired By A Barista

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The specific characteristics Hader imbued Stefon with — his vocal fluctuations, nervous tics, and penchant for tangential conversations — weren’t created out of thin air. Instead, they were adopted from an actual person, a barista at the Joe’s Coffee located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood that Hader frequented. “There was a barista there,” he explained at the 2014 New Yorker Festival, “and he was funny, and I would just draw him out.” When asked if Stefon’s basis knew what Hader had done, the latter suggested that the barista did in fact know and that he was probably “thrilled.”

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