Stephen Colbert Celebrates The End Of RNC 2016 By Drinking On Television

Stephen Colbert apparently needed a home run on The Late Show following recent reports and he hit one with his live week covering the Republican National Convention. We saw the return of the ‘Stephen Colbert’ persona from The Colbert Report, an invasion of the RNC floor by his ‘Hungry For Power Games’ alter ego, and the triumphant return of Jon Stewart to the TV fake news discussion business. The Late Show was a thing of beauty.

But so much “winning” in one week apparently takes its toll on a late night host, especially when you go live and your final show is taped at “quarter past the devil’s balls.” So Colbert decides to recap the week, show off some news stuff like Cajun Pope and an interview with Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders, and pops off the top on the only beer they could find.

If anything, it is evident that Colbert is tired. You can tell from the intro to his interview with Saunders that his jokes about just wiping off to clean up all week aren’t too far off. But it paid off, especially when you compare it with every other late night offering during the convention.

Also enjoy his recap of the entire primary season’s ‘Hungry For Power Games’ segments, definitely something that grew on you after more and more candidates started to enter the race.