Colbert Describes The GOP Congress Members Who Conspired To Plan The Jan 6th Insurrection As ‘A Real Ocean’s 11 Of People Who Can’t Count To Ten’

On Sunday, Rolling Stone broke the news that several of the protestors involved with the insurrection on the Capitol on January 6th admitted that they had taken part in “dozens” of meetings before this date with both White House officials and GOP members of Congress, who both encouraged the actions that left five people dead and even teased the idea of a “blanket pardon,” courtesy of then-president Donald Trump himself. Sadly, the most surprising part of this news isn’t that these meetings happened in the first place—it’s that the questionable brain trust that organized them actually succeeded in causing a public disruption.

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert mentioned Rolling Stone’s eye-opening report, and explained:

“Social media isn’t the only thing that helped cause the January 6th riots. So did GOP officials. Because organizers of the insurrection now ‘say they participated in dozens of planning meetings with members of Congress and White House staff.’

Wow! Really? Great planning guys! ‘OK, you grab the podium; you smear poop on the walls; the rest of you record everything on your phones and put it on Facebook so we definitely get caught!’”

The Late Show host then turned his attention to the “intellectual giants” who were allegedly a part of these planning meetings, including Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, Andy Biggs, and Louie Gohmert. “It’s a real Ocean’s 11 of people who can’t count to 10,” Colbert said. “They have to set reminders on their phone to remind themselves to breathe. This wasn’t just a random event with weirdos like the Q Shaman; this was a conspiracy to overturn a Democratic election that included the weirdos in congress. One of the organizers said, ‘I remember Marjorie Taylor Greene specifically.’ Yes, I can imagine it’s hard to forget someone who tells you forest fires are caused by circumcised space lasers.”

You can watch Colbert’s full rant above, beginning around the 7:30 mark.