Stephen Colbert And Nick Kroll’s #PuberMe Campaign Raised $1 Million For Hurricane Relief In Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico, Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll launched the #PuberMe Twitter campaign, encouraging celebrities to share pictures from their awkward childhoods as a way to raise money for disaster relief. With this campaign, each celebrity photo could result in a $1000 donation. Some truly excellent tweets came their way, proving that even professionally beautiful people had rough patches.

On top of the hilarity that comes with bad haircuts and even worst acne, #PuberMe was actually extremely successful. Colbert announced on The Late Show that between Colbert’s Americone Dream Fund, the team behind Netflix’s Big Mouth (Kroll’s latest project), and CBS, they managed to raise $999,000 for One American Appeal.

After the number was announced, Colbert explained that they were so close to reaching $1 million. “We made it so close, but what can we do? If only we had one more awkward celebrity puberty photo… but we just don’t.” Cue Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda emerging from backstage to provide a puberty photo of his own. Miranda, who has family in Puerto Rico, has been very active in his criticism of the Trump administration’s mishandling of the aid effort while also working to raise funds for Puerto Rico on his own.

Was the whole thing a little staged? Sure, but it was enthusiasm for a good cause.

(Via The Late Show)